The Millionaire Booklet

A handy 46 page book by Grant Cardone on becoming a Millionaire. 

As per Grant Cardone, 2 things to keep in mind :-

1) Getting Rich Is Not A Fantasy

  • People don’t get rich because they did not know they could. Give up your middleclass mind

2) Where You Get Your Advice

  • Get advice from people who are wealthy and financially free. Not from quitters. Not from people who ask you to be content with your current state

The 8 steps laid out by Grant :-

Step 1 - The Millionaire Decision

  • Decide and develop the Millionaire mindset
  • “Complaining about your money situation never seems to make you more money.”

Step 2 - Millionaire Math

  • How to make a million? Do the math. Some examples :-
    • Salary $50k * 20 years
    • Salary $100k * 10 years
    • Salary $250k * 4 years
    • Earn $114 per hour, every hour of the year
    • 5,000 people buy a $200 product
    • 1,000 people buy a $1,000 product
    • 5,000 people pay $17 per month for 12 months
    • 300 people pay $278 per month for 12 months

Step 3 - Who's Got My Money?

  • Find out who can make that 1 million for you. Spend more time with them, servicing them

Step 4 - Stay Broke

  • When you increase your income, stay broke(not poor). Move the additional income to other accounts for investments
  • Idea + Hard Work x Time + Discipline = Success

Step 5 - Save To Invest, Don't Save To Save

  • Don't have money lying around idle, invest it. Save to invest 

Step 6 - Multiple Flows Of Income

  • Create multiple sources of income. But please make sure you focus on each of them. Do not walk away from 1st flow, when you create 2nd

Step 7 - Repeat, Reinforce And Hyperfocus

  • You can be a millionaire, billionaire or richer if you think bigger from the start, hyperfocus, and repeat the steps Grant has detailed above

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